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    Fritz MFG was founded in 2023 as a vehicle for the multidisciplinary textile practice of Jeremy Fritzhand. Jeremy is a designer, sustainable sourcing advocate and consultant, educator and entrepreneur with a focus on global craft textiles.


    His journey into the world of handcrafted textiles and social entrepreneurship began in 2010 where, as a Minerva Fellow, he traveled to India for a 10 month project that kick started a textile love affair which burns strongly more than 10 years later.


    Jeremy has worked with businesses ranging from multinational fashion giants to independent designers in locations as diverse as Sri Lanka, mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Whilst these experiences with large corporations were essential in Jeremy’s education, it is working with small scale, craft manufacturers that has captured his heart.


    In 2016, Jeremy founded Studio Bagru, a textile printing and cut & sew manufacturer in Bagru, India. Bagru is a local center of textile manufacturing where artisans have been printing fabrics with hand carved wooden blocks for more than 350 years.


    Through Studio Bagru, Jeremy has worked with clients as diverse as Ash Worldwide, LRNCE, Molly Mahon Textiles, Rekh and Datta, Story MFG, and many more.


    Recently Jeremy has realized the importance of preserving local manufacturing capabilities and jobs within the US. His partnership with master tailor Ian Moreau has led to the creation of Sewn in Cincy, a full service contract manufacturer for clothing and textile products based in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.


    Jeremy is sought out as an educator and advocate for global textiles and has delivered workshops throughout the US, Europe and Asia.


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